Sunday, January 08, 2006

You so crazy! (or Mad Mel)

Is Mel Gibson (Max Rockatansky) Crazy? Well, of course he is. But is he crazy like a fox. Yes.

His latest Movie endeavor is Apocolypto. A story of the roots of ancient civilization. By Monday millions will have watched the trailer. Not because we are all dying to see Mel’s next movie (though I would be if it were called Post-Apocolypto) But because he threw a tasty easter egg into the trailer. That’s wikked smaht.

To view it go here and play the LARGE version. Notice on the picture above approximately where the frame appears (00:01:46) about 10 frames after a face caught in a net. Now, show your friends… that’s how “viral marketing” works. And works well.

1 comment:

Walking Spanish said...

is it me?
or does our man mel look like saddam hussein in that pic.