Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What A Drag!

BumpTop really is the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the not so distant future. Seriously.

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Deck said...

Do people actually access files through the desktop? I usually go through Windows Explorer and double click. I can get to any file in a couple seconds and a couple's pretty easy -- Or just opening the program and browsing through the "open" menu. Looks cool, but I think I'd hate this desktop thing -- I don't want to flip through 40 files to find the right one. Am I the only one that works like this or no? Don't forget, there's one click in getting to this with "view desktop". So going to explorer instead isn't really an extra click (I leave it open always). The difference between my real desk and my computer is about 75,000 documents...and if I could arrange the docs on my real desk by date, name, type, etc, I would gladly do it ... hey, now there's an invention!

boo129 said...

dave, did you get a new ring?