Saturday, July 22, 2006

Little Fish In A Big LogoPond

There is a fairly new site on the web called logopond. It is an “identity inspiration” site. Their slogan is “A place to fish for ideas” get it? It's a collection of logos which designers (and from the looks of it wannabe designers) have created. You go there to get/steal ideas. After pointed it out to me (and of course crashed it... see Digg Effect) I got right down to making a logo that would hopefully be well received there. And in fact they put the RAYSHIO logo I made (seen above) right on the front page... which was nice. It is just an imaginary company that might offer downloadable audio books. It would be pronounced 'Ray-shee-oh' (like ratio.) Anyway, since the purpose of this post is simply to toot my own horn I won't waste any more of your time... BEEP BEEP. Check out logopond if you like logos. The site is a work in progress but its quite nice so far.

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