Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trend Starting (With Stephen Colbert)

Many of you are familiar with the word ”Truthiness.” It is a word created by Steven Colbert that actually made it into Miriam Webster’s dictionary. Less are likely familiar with Colbert’s self-descriptive Licolnish which appears in the opening of his show. Upon seeing Snickers ads a while back that used such words as SUBSTANTIALICIOUS, SATISFECTELLENT and HUNGERECTOMY I thought Colbert might have started a trend, but I usually don’t believe a trend is a trend until occurrences reach the magic number. Well, Sam Adams comes in at number 3 with sam•light•en•ment. (pictured above in their latest television campaign.)

Ya know, Certain small minded TV personalities go on and on about how ineffective Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are and yet the duo continues to bend and create public opinion repeatedly via one hour of jokes on a cable station. I used to wonder why there was an entire section on political cartoons in my American History book... Now I know.

LINK: Gimmyabreakopoloy in everyday life.

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