Wednesday, September 13, 2006

iPod Nano Ad Uses Jimmy James!

Sorry News Radio fans, not that Jimmy James. I am talking about the first track on the Beastie Boys' record Check Your Head.

Is this news worthy? No. Interesting? Maybe a little. Does it give me a chance to use key iPod and Nano type words in a post just one day after an Apple announcement that will have the whole world searching these terms? You're damn Skippy!

So here is the new iPod Nano (from Apple) ad: Nano

And here is the song : Jimmy James ( Go to Disk 1, Track 20)

Ok so its just the baseline.

Am I saying Apple stole it from The Boys? Hell no. I am sure it was handed to The Beasties by The Dust Brothers and I am sure The Dust Brothers can tell you where they vicked it from. Or maybe one of my readers can... (I'm looking at you WalkingSpanish.)


Walking Spanish said...

"Beat Bop" by Rammelzee vs. K Rob is the bassline
then you have the screams and cowbell/screeches on top courtesy of the Turtles' "I'm Chief Kommonawannalaya (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)

more in that trak but funny thing tho-Rammelzee and KRob Had to get it from somewhere too....

nopunksleft said...

Jimmy: I wanted a house just like Xanadu, but without a dorky name.
Lisa: So what did you call it?
Jimmy: Fort Awesome.