Tuesday, July 17, 2007

StrasseWaffe (or Google Street View Troop Surge)

You know Google Street View means business when you see them amassing a fleet 30 strong. This is merely the squadron of CCCCs (Chevy Cobalt Camera Cars) that happened to get spotted and reported to Gizmodo.com. Who knows what armies are being amassed by Google in the dark corners of the globe. My advice to you all is to remember to look left then right and left again to check for CCCCs before you... Exit porn shops and strip joints, pay drug dealers and hookers or even scratch/pick your nose for that matter.


Richard Bacchus said...

Holy Stroopwaffle!

Anonymous said...

what kind of world have we created when you can't scratch/pick, solicit and cop in private on a city street. damn you google and your snazzy chevy cobalts. damn you to hell.