Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is Amex Protected From Unexpected Problems. or Bashing The Tina Fey Amex Ad. or Get A Job Dave You're Scaring Us.

Did you ever see an ad on television and it just doesn't get its message across. Maybe I just watch too much TV... No, I definitely watch too much TV, but these problems in ads always catch my attention. Sometimes an important line is hard to understand or the message is lost in bad editing, but most times I see the ad again a few days later and its been repaired and I think “nice, they noticed it too.”

Well, Amex’s new Tina Fey ad is chock full of these errors and yet it keeps running as is. I am amazed at how faulty this ad is and just had to run through the list of what needs to be fixed.
  1. “Change the bear to a shark.” This line is mumbled quickly and I doubt most are catching what it is on the first listen.
  2. “These are my divorce papers.” Beside the line being swallowed. The joke is that the papers were not handed to Tina, but she has grabbed them out of habit and comments on how funny they are, but the poor cut in which she takes the papers does not illustrate well that they were not intended for her review. We might piece together the joke better if the closing line “they’re hilarious” was more comprehendible.
  3. “Miss Fey, the snake wrangler got bit again.” Another line delivered quickly and clumsily.
  4. “Which flute too den a moopie sketch.” After ten attempts I am still unsure what this guy is saying. Obviously “which flute” is all that matters, but I cant help wonder what comes between those words and “sketch.”
  5. Finally, Amex calls to ask Tina if she used the card to purchase 14,000 racquet balls. Ok, nice of them to call, but are we supposed to be impressed at their ability to catch such an outlandish charge? More racquet balls than Tina could use in her lifetime? (at 5 balls a weekend for the next 50 years)
Yes, this is all nitpicking, but I love Amex. (I will love them even more when they get me back 200 bucks back for my iPhone purchase) I expect more from them. I also love Tina Fey. She deserves better. Amex's Ellen Degeneres ad was flawless and even won an Emmy. Pull it together guys. This kind of shoddy work makes me think you may be slipping.

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