Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gaming is fundamental

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Reccomended Reading:
Everything Bad Is Good for You:
How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter
Ok, I haven't read it. But I heard an interview with author Steven Johnson and he sounded smart... and I agreed with him. (redundant?) Anyway, he (and I) think video games are good for kids. No, not playing Halo all day every day, but within reason. Everyone who talks smack about video games thinks they are a series of MOVE LEFT, MOVE RIGHT, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE etc. If you actually gamed you would know there are millions of adults at work handling a fraction of the information a kid needs to juggle to complete Zelda. I personally know what it feels like to be thinking "if I can find a sniping rifle (usually on the top balcony of the west tower on Ascention) and get it safely to the dock that often has a Phanthom waiting on the end. I can fly that Phanthom to a spot on the highest point of the East tower that is unreachable on foot and snipe away." This aint space invaders.
Of course encourage kids to read, but once in a while blow their minds and say "hey put that book down and go earn some upgrades for that poor excuse for a car you've been running in Gran Turismo." or stick your head out the door and say. "Hey! that level 4 boss isn't going to slay himself!"
read about it

And lets not forget... Its a book!.

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