Friday, May 13, 2005

A) X-Games B) X-Men C) X-Play D) Xbox

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The Xbox 360 is officially no longer a puzzle wrapped in an enigma smothered in a secret sauce. Now its just a console.

And a damn cool looking one. I keeping hearing and reading about how ugly it is and what a pain in the ass its gonna be to stack. Well relax, first of all its sweet lookin'. Second of all you can see at a glance on the 360's site that it can be a tower or stack like every other component you had to have.

Honestly I know very little about gaming consoles, but I am fully thumbs up on this thing. C'mon give Microsoft credit for the one thing they've gotten right. And now you know where I stand on that.

If you DO care about what this baby can do these guys lay it out nicely:


Redboy said...
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redboy said...

hmmmm nope... its still pretty ugly :) tho i ammmm feelin the wireless :)