Sunday, February 25, 2007

GE Uses DVRs To Make Commercials LONGER!

During SNL last night there was a GE commercial. It was a sort of nauseating, CGI, 'super frog's eye view' journey through how GE makes life better for everyone. At the very end a half a dozen frames went by so fast that their content was imperceptible. So of course my ReplayTV (Tivo like DVR that actually came first) is put into action and viewing the portion frame by frame I was treated to the story of The Frog Prince as told by the frog or The Ugly Princess. More interestingly GE has decided to say “So you’ve got a device that can skip commercials... Bet we can make you watch our commercial even longer.” My hat is off to GE. I had been waiting for some DVR countering innovation. As I mentioned HEREover a year ago. Oh, and GE has details here HERE

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eastbuyer said...

Brilliant Bastards