Friday, July 15, 2005

2 Ways To Beat Tivo

Here's an idea I had. Now I don't have a Tivo, but I am told you guys get through commercials by fast forwarding. Which really bugs those advertisers. I think someone should make a commercial, either in slow motion or with less frames or something. That plays normally or in some interesting way when fast forwarded. I don't usually pipe up to help advertisers but seems to me if you did that... A) it would be cool, B) it would come with a bunch of free advertising from all the articles written like "Ad beats Tivo!' And C) you will have beaten Tivo!

Of course you'd have to buy 2 minutes time for a 30 second spot and I don't even know if its possible. I am just saying someone should try it.

Just in case they actually get hip to this idea. Here's a way to avoid them still. The DVR that I use is ReplayTV. We have a "30 Sec Skip" button so we are through the commercials in 3 to 6 pushes of one button. Turns out Tivo has this function as well. It has just been turned off. You can turn it back on with some simple button combos found here at Big Marv's place.

(No picture today. Flickr just wasn't havin it.)

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