Monday, July 11, 2005

Video Games Once Again Proven Total Waste Of Time

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I hate NASCAR. First of all its a waste of gas. How can you push for conservation when driving cars in a circle is your nations number one sport? Second of all its an oval track. "left turn Clyde." I just don't get it.

That said, let me use NASCAR to my advantage when it suits me. Carl Edwards had a race coming up at Pocono and was not entirely familiar with the track. So he got on the SONY PlayStation in his RV and found the Pocono track and ran it over and over.

"It’s a NASCAR game that you can buy on the shelf," he said. "I’ve got a steering wheel and a clutch. Coming to a new track and spending time on one of those things really helps."

So there you have it. Video Games helping "athletes" earn millions.

For what real world event am I preparing for when I play Halo 2 you ask? Why for the day I show up at Kinko's armed to the teeth and blood thirsty for pay back of course.

Story from Washington Post

UPDATE: Crissy points out "how much do you really need to learn about an oval?"

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bikechain said...

I thought it to be a pretty cool application of the game and a great marketing tool. You can be as good as Derek Jeter if you spend enought time w/ "Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2005."