Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Don't Call It A Come Back

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Geeze, I must be the 1000th person to use that as a headline. Sorry. Anyway, the PSP has finally passed the DS in sales. I knew it would. Everyone was quick to point out its weak performance out of the gate, but once you've held it and played it you know.
It all works out though. If you count the GBA (Game Boy Advance) sales Nintendo is still dominating. There are some numbers here.

Now, for the 2 of you still reading (and you know who you are.) That thing the PSP is nestled in in the photo is the NYKO Theater Experience. It is an "Aluminum Case with Built-in Rechargeable Battery (5 no make that 4 extra hours of movie time,) Hi-Fi Speakers and System Stand." It is tuff on the outside and useful on the inside and has dual headphone jacks making watching a movie on the PSP as romantic as an ice cream soda with two straws.

I give it 2 arthritic, carpal tunnel riddled thumbs up.

Im tired of creating links... besides It's all over the damn web so google it if you want one. I'm talkin' to you Ricky
and Redboy.

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Walking Spanish said...

So is it high time i should get one?
I'm waiting for grand theft auto to come out on it