Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rudy Rucker Land

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Hot Damn! Rudy Rucker, professor, mathematician and hands down my favorite author of all time has done me the honor of posting one of my Rock-Land posters on his blog.

"On a completely random note, a guy called Dave Horowitz writes that he’s having “a tiny party in a small downstairs bar on Avenue A” and to add to the luster of the occasion he made up some posters as if Washer Drop were playing there!"

That is huge and of course elevates me to a new and even more exciting and mate repelling level of nerd.

See Rudy Rucker's Blog here. Buy his latest book Frek and the Elixir. You won't be sorry.

See Rock-Land posters here.


Anonymous said...

wow you truly are a nerd! what happened to the dumbass i went to school with? fyi see jack black has got the lead in your boy rucker's "master of space and time".

j-scott-grand said...

Just picked it up. The first chapter is so packed with ideas, I thought my head would explode.