Thursday, July 21, 2005

GNF's First Feature

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It is time I instituted some regular features here at GreedoNeverFired. I mean if a guy is gonna pretend to be running a popular blog he might as well pretend it right. And from what I see out there the big guys have "features." A repeating category that the readers look forward to. Don't my imaginary readers deserve features? I say yes. I SAID YES!

So with out further ado welcome to Why Didn't I Think of That.

On some occasions to be known as Oh My God I Totally Thought Of That.

Today's Why Didn't I Think of That is attributed to the new Xbox 360 (coming November 2005.) This is so simple. They added "parental controls." Thats it. So the parents set it up and they have a pass code and they allow or disallow games of a particular rating. The kid can steal the game from EB Games or give me the money and i can go in and buy it for him, but it wont play on his console. Perfect! Why didn't I think of that?

I know, I know, "kids are are more tech savvy than their parents... they will hack it..." Okay, if your kid hacks it congratulations you've got a smart kid. Buy him a Linux box and tell him its wrong to pull people out of cars and beat them with the butt of a shotgun. It's the time it takes to beat someone that gets you caught, just get in and lay rubber.

Oh, and yes this post marks the date that I started reffering to the blog as GNF.


Walking Spanish said...

'GNF' thats a good idea
so our other bloggers can be

and of course - bikechain can be just 'B'

Rev. Timmy James said...

The Church of the Eternal Visage of the Plywood Satan does not abbreviate.

You S.O.B.