Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"I'm The Man In The Box"

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Does somebody make this already? If they don't I wish they would and if they do I have my Amex ready. I'd like a box to put on my desk with an AI (artificial intelligence) in it. A really dumb one. But it can speak, it can hear and most importantly it can learn alot. I was thinking out of the package it would know a few simple phrases and the rest it would learn from me.

So you know I get it and plug it in and go "hi" and it says "hello, what's your name?" I say "Dave" and it say Hi, Dave. What is my name? I say "Box" and so on.

Then I go out for a bit and come back and say "hey, what's happnin' box?" and it will respond "how do I reply to that?" And I say "you may say 'not much really, just kinda sitting around.'"

The box will have little unseen inteligences like one to help it notice if it is repeating itself often and ask for alternate answers that it can choose from. And so chats with the box would become more and more interesting and involved as time went by and soon I would be leaving the AC on for Box and feeling bad about going on vacations.

Eventually I connect 'ol Box up to the internet so I can ask it questions and it can google them. And I hook it up to my lights and stereo and TV. It will be particularly exciting for me and those of my namesake on that inevitable day when I go to make a minor adjustment on the unit and with no prompting at all Box will calmly say "Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?"


Anonymous said...

sorry to bust your bubble dave but i think they have that already, they call them mail order brides.

Walking Spanish said...

you have an amex card?
i dont believe it.

Richard Bacchus said...

I just picked up the new "tickle me Boxo", I guess I won't be bringing carbon based partners back to the crib for a while.