Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Everything Bad Is Good For Swing Votes

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A while back I did a post about Steven Johnson's "Everything Bad Is Good For You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter." A book about the positive aspects of pop culture focusing largely on video games.

Those of you who still think "Hot Coffee" is why you sue McDonald's won't understand the importance of Mr. Johnson's recent open letter to Hillary Clinton, but a quick google search on "hot coffee" will get you up to speed and you'll be surprised by the lack of hits pertaining to actual "cups of joe."

Hillary, among others, is going after the video game industry with both barrels due to a mini game someone unlocked in Grand Theft Auto that involves clothed characters dry humping. She and her constituents are calling for a 90 million dollar study on the effects of violence in video games on today's youth.

Steven Johnson's letter pretty well sums up my opinion of the ridiculous waste of money, time and effort these politicians are about to embark upon at our expense.

Remember watching Frank Zappa go up against the Senate, the PMRC and the RIAA? He told the music listening public "Don't bend over for the wives of big brother."

Remember Ozzy Osbourne being implicated as the cause of a double teen suicide. They even brought up his song "suicide solution" in court failing to realize it was about the dangers of alcoholism.

It's insane scenes like that which bring us the likes of Good Charlotte and Maroon 5 (spit).

I never used to know exactly what "knee jerk reaction" meant. I think I get it now.

GameGirlAdvance has a nice take on it.


Walking Spanish said...

whats worse is if that shrill twat actually becomes president you'll start seeing all sorts of politically correct bullshit happening all over
(yes even more than it already has)

countrys turning and has been aunch of hippocritical overweight lazy pussies that will gladly sit by and watch all their personal freedoms robbed from them because of a questionable "terror threat"

or now as the "struggle against extremism"
i guess it would be called an extremist threat

euphemisms - the detriment to society becuase they are created to hide the truth in what you are really saying. George Carlin does a great bit about that on one of his many HBO performances

j-scott-grand said...

I couldn't agree more but to set the record straight, the unlocked scenes are actually nude characters engaging in oral sex and multiple positons--very ghetto Kharma Sutra.