Tuesday, May 29, 2007

GOOGLE MAPS STREET VIEW! (Or The Google Has Landed!)

My friend RR and I always talked about driving around Manhattan with a camera on our roof, crisscrossing every street snapping photos until we had a virtual, walk-thru map of the city. Now, nearly 10 years later BEHOLD Google Maps STREET VIEW. Just go to maps.google.com. Click on STREET VIEW, zoom in enough to pick a street outlined in blue and BLAMMO you are on that street. And once you have planted your virtual feet on the virtual street you can choose a direction and start walking. I don't know what cities are completed but Manhattan, New York is and Portland, Maine is not. Oh my science this is cool!
By the way that’s the NYC Hell’s Angels Club House up there on the right. (click pic for larger)

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