Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Get Over Yourself (Pale Blue Film)

Carl Sagan’s words. Clips from 64 films. Music by Mogwai. And a single photo of a “pale blue dot” taken by Voyager I from 4 billion miles away. These things combine to provide us with perhaps more perspective than we can possibly bare.

Thank you Pale Blue Films.


Redboy said...


Celal Birader said...

So Sagan's conclusion after all that is : "we are a mere pale blue dot so we should be kindly rather cruel to one another". Why? What does it matter either way if we are as insignificant in the universe as he struggles to paint us ? Kindness or cruelty is the same if we are of no insignificance.

Dave Himself said...

I think you are missing the point. Perhaps he said so much that you lost sight of his central point. I will simplify for you. The key phrase is

"The folly of human conceit."

Do you get it now?

There is no god. Your world is not blessed.

But so many "god fearing" people make the very telling mistake of thinking "if there is no god then why be kind?"

While scientists/atheists have been kind their entire lives without any promise of reward or fear of punishment.

Anonymous said...

so sayeth the sayeth the flock!