Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An iPhone Function I Would LOVE To See (or Application Organization Application)

Now that I am up to six pages of apps I honestly need a better way to organize them than doing it on the phone itself. Using the iPhone to organize it's apps is like sorting the contents of six boxes. But you can only uncover one box at a time. AND any item moved must pass through all boxes between it's current box and it's final box. Geeze! Even explaining it is frustrating. Why cant I just have a nice drag and drop method within iTunes... like I have mocked up in the above image (click for larger.)

By the way No. 7 on this list helps the process, but not very much.


George Frederick Litterst said...

What we need is an App on the computer that lets us drag stuff from screen to screen. It is very easy to show multiple iPhone screens on the computer at one time.

Dave Himself said...

I am a little confused George. Are you joking? What you are looking at there is a mock-up of what it might look like if someone designed "an App on the computer that lets us drag stuff from screen to screen."

-|- you

bloompy said...

For a while now I have actually left multiple feedback messages for iTunes AND iPhone improvement to include such feature that you had mentioned, anything that allows us the option to tinker with the Apps layout in iTunes in addition to doing it on the phone itself. Please make sure you keep posting such feedback to Apple. Thank you for raising the subject; it is maddening to deal with these multiple pages.