Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Live From New Monfassa Its...

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This Spartan Life

A talk show... Yawn. It consists of animated characters voiced by real people... Gimme Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It all takes place in Halo2. Yaw... WHAT?!

That is great. Using the existing Halo2 environments and players to do a TV show. I love it.

The concept is called Machinima. Like a machine making cinema. It is the art of using existing digital realms, characters and the and the devices that control and render them to create your own story line. If you are creative you can really make some sweet stuff.

This Spartan Life has interviews and comedy and even The Solid Gold Elite Dancers. Relax fanboys, I know Red vs. Blue was first on this, but This Spartan Life really makes use of the game.

Does Bungie (makers of Halo) frown on people reaping these benefits from all their hard-work? No, in-fact there is a Machinima setting in which you can go weaponless so as to be a cameraman with an unobstructed view.

Ok, I have officially lost all, but serious Halo2 fans (Tim and myself) so I will end with this. Shows like Red vs. Blue and This Spartan Life may seem like fun tricks, but trust me they are the beginnings of much larger things.

Oh here's the easy hack for having a cameraman: In a Machinima Oddball Game just overcharge the Plasma Pistol and pick up the Oddball. Then drop the Oddball. (Thanks

Watch This Spartan Life.


Walking Spanish said...
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Walking Spanish said...

you may wanna check out the latest news via boing boing about machinima. apparently there have been hoax cease and desists from copyright lawyers.
either way - it's is and will become an even greater new realm for digital entertainment.

Walking Spanish said...
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nopunksleft said...

um, yeah, this rules. while one might say that these guys have way too much time on their hands; i say damn, that's impressive. it's such a good idea. the interview with Bob Stein is actually a really good interview - especially with the host intermittently cursing 'great, death from above now' as new players try to kill them mid-interview. lastly, This Spartan Life has taught me that i'm playing Halo on the level of a first grader - at best...

Warrior 3000 said...

i love this spartan life, wait! i work for them!!! thanks for the comments on our show