Monday, August 15, 2005

"Potent Portables" for 250 Alex

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I honestly can't understand why people bother writing scathing reviews about the PSP. Nitpicking on things like battery life, movie and memory formats. Is it Nintendo fanboys who regret that the DS has all the cool games, but that's all its got? (2 screens! you say. Yeah, I believe Jeff Foxworthy has a name for you guys with 2 TVs stacked on each other.) Is it just Sony haterz? No, because we are all Sony haterz.

Well whatever it is I think it's time to stop. This thing is proving the hell out of its self. I am playing WipeOut Pure even when my XBox is right in front of me. Playing against friends wirelessly and strangers VERY wirelessly. I am Googling terms no sweat wherever I can find a hot spot. Oh that's right and I am finding hot spots.

Perhaps it is too expensive? Lets see... Hand held gaming system, portable movie player, MP3 player, photo viewer, WiFi locater, Web browser, soon to be audio/video messager and more importantly who knows whats next. I'd say thats pretty reasonable at 250.

A Rhythm Composer(drum machine) is now available and new stuff is coming all the time.

Maybe you DS guys need to stop playing all those killer games you brag about and start writing some code. Necessity is the mother of invention ya know.

By the way I so did this post just 'cause I wanted to use the headline.

UPDATE: Nintendo just anounced it will be slashing the cost of the DS by 20 dollars. Looks like Hiroshi reads GNF.

BAM! First Full-Length Graphic Novel Released for Sony PSP
(story at joystiq)

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