Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Robots Are Coming, The Robots Are Coming!

They grow up so fast. And fast is the key word. When I first saw ASIMO running I thought "WOW, running, what a stupendous feat of technology... of balance!" Then it hit me. Back in December of 2004 Honda announced ASIMO's Top speed at 3 kph. Now in December of 2005 they have doubled that speed to 6kph. With that in mind (and assuming the average sustainable top speed of a human being is 15mph/24kph, I have calculated that we have until December of 2007 to enjoy the luxury of being able to out run robots. After that... they see you, they got you.

Here's some simple advice. As your body begins to give out be sure to splurge on that hip replacement or knee joint implants etc. Not that these upgrades will ever enable you to escape the metallic menace, but it is my belief the robots will take mercy on the cyborgs of our race.

Good luck.

UPDATE: By the way they overtake our land speed record in 2013.

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Punk Parent said...


We are totally screwed.