Friday, May 19, 2006

Font Spotting

Not since Eurostyle (popularized by E Entertainment) have I seen a font take off so hugely as the new and exciting Rosewood. This versatile little fancy-old-west-circus-poster font seems to be popping up everywhere. It’s very likely that you don’t take note of which fonts are in heavy rotation, but I do and I’ll tell you its a wonder girls will even talk to me. Actually I don’t even think this font is new. It’s probably just seeing a resurgence. By the way the bitters label is my design and was completed weeks before the launch of the Old Navy campaign.


@DJNoRequest said...

wow dave - imagine my consternation when i read this post only to realize i used it in brand royal...

btw, wheres the bookends friend?
'tis truly justice and a relevant topic no?


FourThree said...

Does "EuroStile" count? Thinking that I had something new (I dont get out much),I have been feeling original about my find within MSWord. Perhaps I will switch it up by using Eurostile Extended 2.
Please advise.