Monday, May 22, 2006

iPod. They Prod.

Ooo look a radical, guerilla campaign is fighting against the corporate plot to get us all on the same MP3 player. Sometime late last night what must have been a roving group of young hooligans fed up with the Orwellian success of the iPod struck a major blow and spoke out with thousands of wheat pasted posters all over Manhattan warning against joining the iPod nation. Well, that should boost iPod sales nicely... Once the reality sets in that the “campaign” is simply an advertising campaign and the “roving group of hooligans” is advertising dandy Grey San Francisco, a big, fat, shiny ad agency. Their goal? Not to get you off the iPod, but to get you onto a SanDisk player. SanDisk? Seriously? If you are looking for a cheap and ugly USB thumbdrive then by all means, but if you want the whole package stick with the iPod. Sure, the advertising is pretty, but it’s the updates, innovations, ease of use, array of accessories, overwhelmingly satisfied customers and friggin’ iTunes that make it the right choice.

My brother and his wife got a SanDisk player 2 weeks ago. If anyone has any advice on how they might figure out how to get some music onto it let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Oh and by the way Grey and SanDisk just called you all suckers.

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