Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Used To Have It, Never Will

Do I see a trend developing? During my Sunday night television session I saw two conspicuously “green” ads for two conspicuously green labels. New 7 Up which is ALL NATURAL and Prego Organic which is organic (I guess.) Personally I welcome the all natural 7 Up. My local Deli has 8 glass doors packed with beverages and I am really only grabbing the Orange Orange and Revive Vitamin Waters... Oh and Budweiser of course. My message to the food and beverage companies who seem to be leaning towards tree hugging is this... We are going to eat and drink what ever you literally and figuratively force down our throats so do us a favor and make some of it good for us less bad for us.


TOLD YOU SO: No more Disney/Pixar cross promotion with McDonalds. Steve Jobs is giving up a billion dollar contract in the name of healthier food. "The word is that Disney is trying to disassociate itself from high calorie and trans fat laden fast food peddled by fast food giants like McDonald's." Read more Here.

AND AGAIN: According to TreeHugger.com Wal-Mart is going Organic.

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