Thursday, December 21, 2006

Attractive Jewelry (Get It? Attractive.)

Geeks dig magnets and chicks dig jewelry ergo geeks should give chicks magnetic jewelry. No? Would it help if they knew the jewelry is made of “rare earth magnets?” No? Silver, gold, platinum and diamonds are our only choice? Damn! Ok still these barcelets are wicked cool. I spoke to the creator of Dynomighty today and he is everything you hope for in a young entrepenuer. He is excited about his products to the point where you don’t even need to ask him questions to hear all about them. Well I am off to the Moss Design Store (146 Greene between Houston and Prince) to get one of these for a girl. Don’t worry she is a total geek. (uh oh, Hope she doesn’t read this.) Dynomighty


Anonymous said...

What? Come on, you'd snag it on something and - oops - there it goes before you even realize it...within three days at best I'd guess. Lame.

Unknown said...

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