Tuesday, December 05, 2006

iDJ2 (or What Every Other Punk Kid in Every City Says)

When Numark's iDJ (1) came out in July of ‘05. GNF shut it down for what we thought were some pretty obvious shortcomings. What we said...

“But see here's the thing. See those 2 Ipods? Maybe one is yours and one is your roommate's. Maybe you have your old ipod and your new one (it accepts any model.) Chances are they are full of different songs. So you are playing Bounce, Skate, Roll and the dance floor is packed. You suddenly realize the perfect mix (obviously) would be coming into Slave's Watching You. The BPMs match and the feel is just right. BUT oh wait. Those songs are on the same I pod. And why wouldn't they be. Same genre, same era...”

Well it took more than a year, but Numark finally read my slam and got to work on the iDJ2. There is no price yet, but among the listed features we find this “Play music off two iPods simultaneously, play two songs off same iPod.”

You're welcome.

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Walking Spanish said...

now thats some shit id be into buying