Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fully Stoked Internet Radio

If you are like me... you are incredibly old... But you also used to lay back and listen to the radio at night. For me the DJs were Scott Muni at WNEW, Donna Donna at WLIR and Carol Miller over at WPLJ. Now a days you couldn’t pay me to listen to the radio. Well sort of... The Engine Room is not radio but an incredible simulation. The DJ is a rock photographer friend of mine who just slides ever so comfortably into his radio way off to the side project. Go have a listen. And if you are traveling for the holidays download the whole Christmas show. You’ll arrive at your location yuled up and ready to go.

The Engine Room

(Photo stolen from Where he stole it from I do not know. Perhaps Honcho's "Old Timey Men of Steel Edition."

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