Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey Steve, C'mon already. (or i got an itch that needs to be scratched)

UPDATE: Now that there are rumors a Apple Phone MIGHT be coming. I look at this thing again and realize the Nano portion should be spun around so you wouldn't have to open it to use the player (hecne the blue arrow.)

You get the idea folks.
1000 songs, 1000 contacts, 1000 dollars... I don't care just make it already.

When the ROKR came out with it's 100 songs I was one of many who said "Wait a minute, an iPod Nano and a RAZR glued together would have 1000 songs and still be smaller than the ROKR."

So I have designed the fon+nano. Yes, it is a phone with iTunes, but more importantly it keeps the two gadgets separate. This design gives you your "iPod" the way you've grown to love it AND a phone.

Though I would like the two devices to work together when I push the "Hey, check out this new Hermano song I am listening to right now" button.

UPDATE: Looking at my design again i realize the Nano portion of the device should be flipped so that the closed Phone it just a Music Player.


Kevin S.B. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I like your phone idea. But, I don't think that apple would create that awkward of a flip phone. I decided to make my own mockup.

The phone would be the same face size or a little larger than the current nano, but it would be close to twice as thick to support the phone guts and a very long charge litium ion battery.

Dave Himself said...

Hey Kevin, I agee that your design is more likely what Apple would do, but one of my main goals was to separate the 2 devices. I wanted to do one where phone functionality doesnt encroach on that of the "nano" and vice versa. But again yours is slick, a nice simple Ericcson style phone.

Ripley said...

dave, you're fuckin' smart.

why don't you get a job with one of these tech companies already? you could be like the idea guy for these people a la tom hanks in 'big'. anyway, been a while and just wanted to remind you how innovative and funny you are and how much money you're losing by spending your time watching 8 hrs of sci-fi channel tivo instead of selling the phat shit you come up with.
still, hope all is well...
p.s. what the fuck happened to venture bros??

Anonymous said...

made me laugh.