Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi

Pepsi Machine
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Okay, this story isn't really new, but I am betting it will be new to many of you. A post on shows you how to make an unsuspecting Pepsi machine your little play thing. Before telling you how, the author states:

"The author of this article and/or cannot be held responsible for any act(s) any person(s) has (have) done as a result of reading this article."

And I would like to reiterate the same sentiment.

The basic idea is this, with the right combination of button pushes one can place the Pepsi machine into an administrative mode where they will have the ability to... view sales information, run a diagnostic and more. This particular hack doesn't have a "free soda" button combo, but I am sure without much effort someone will find a mode to change the cost of each beverage.

The interesting thing here is it reminds us that manufacturers only have so many buttons to work with. So they program button combos for operations other than those listed plainly on the buttons. Did you ever call the cable company with a problem and they say "hit MENU, MENU, GUIDE, 2, 4, 3" or something along those lines. Same thing here "Pepsi, Pepsi, Aquafina, Diet, Diet."

Yes, there is a similar hack for Coke machines. And thats not all. Elevators have buttons too right? So?... guess what. Hacks. If you have Google (and I know you do) then I bet you can find out how to put your elevator in express mode and skip everyone else's stop to get to yours.

So in closing, those of you with children (congratulations Walking Spanish and Adam M) don't be so quick to reprimand when the little bstrds start wailing on every bunch of buttons they can get their hands on. They are button phreaking.

What the hell is phreaking?! Wiki it!

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