Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pixel Pusher

Million Dollar Pixel Page progress report

What is this you ask? It is a creation by one of my heroes. My internet hero. Alex Tew a 21 year old kid in Wiltshire, England who was afraid that college was gonna put him in the poorhouse so he came up with the idea for the Million Dollar Homepage.

One million pixels for sale at a dollar each. Sell them all and you have a million dollars. Of course you can't buy one pixel. You have to buy a batch of 100 which is still a pretty small square. You then fill that square however you like and link it to your website.

Well folks, look at the counter, so far he has sold half of them. $504,800 while I am typing this. College was long ago paid for and if he plays his cards right unnecessary.

Click the banner and check out the page. I don't know why, but I find it fascinating.


Christian N. Abad said...

Check out - they offer a FREE 100 by 100 pixel "tool tip image" with the purchase of your ad, which acts like a billboard for your site! They are also currently offering their pixels for 50% off.
Have Fun!

Dave Himself said...

DO NOT go to the above link. Or anything that ever has FREE written in all caps.

I would erase it but then George would be all "you sensor your negative comments!"

Dave Himself said...

I of course meant "censor."

Walking Spanish said...

i like sensor as well - as i can "feel" the bullshit in that spam comment

Michael Frans said...

My hat goes off to Alex Tew, he certainly found a unique idea to sell ad space. I actually took his idea one step further... selling ad space by the BYTE! There are so many "pixel pushers" out there now that I needed to put a spin on the pixel advertising concept. Check out