Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Requesting Immediate Back-Up!

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As you may have already guessed Dave Himself (that's me,) my design company and GNF operate from my home. How else would I have the time to write pointless articles for a handful of strangers. It is a sweet deal I have to say. Nothing beats making a living in your tighty whiteys.

A draw back that recently occurred to me is the fact that all of my important files live in the same place. Sure I back up my files (I actually do and you soooo don't.) But I back them up to an external drive one foot away from my computer. In the even of a catastrophe (flood, fire, accidental demolition of my building) I would of course lose my computer as well as my back-up.

So I fire up the google and find www.streamload.com. This site will give you 10 gig of back-up for free. 10 gig wont cut it for me (big fat PhotoShop files) so i will be paying, but for most of you it will handle a ton of word docs, emails, excel docs and more. It's easy and its free and the alternative is to tell the your client or your boss or your professor or the IRS that "you're sorry but the files are gone."

Take a peek. It's very user friendly and it is the future of data storage. Eventually only paranoid schizophrenic outlaws will have local drives. I've got four, 500 gig, Seagate Barracudas in zip-locks in my freezer. There's hardly any room for severed fingerprinting hands in there.

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