Wednesday, October 12, 2005

PSP - Personal Studying Peripheral

I am gonna come at this tiny breakthrough like this. The PSP is a tough sell for the kids. That is to say I had a hard enough time convincing my dad to get me TCR (Total Control Racing) and that was cheap. I can't imagine a kid convincing his parents to spring for a $250 plus device. Unless... Unless it could also be a learning tool. A "study aid" if you will.

It occurred to me that flipping thru photos on my PSP was not unlike using flash cards. So I whipped up some examples of the PSP as a study aid. One is S.A.T. vocabulary and the other is Spanish vocabulary (with peectures!)

Again, its obvious and easy, but I couldn't find it anywhere so here it is. I am not going to expand on it and complete the sets. They are just to show what can be done. I am actually just putting them up in hopes that the folks who already make these types of study tools will grab it and run with it and in turn make it easier for kids to beg for a PSP.

In short I am doing it for the children.

The folders needed are SIT files. I think you have to right click for peecee and option click for mac, or something like that, to do save as.


Anonymous said...

blogzored at

Dave Himself said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea... I am seriously going to rip this idea off for Japanese class.

Anonymous said...

WORD.. this would be totally perfect for my kanji flashcards.... ever try to carry around a set of 2000 index cards around with you??? this MAY just make me learn to program on the psp

Dave Himself said...

Last commentor... There is no "learning to program on the PSP" thats the beauty of it. You could photograph your existing flashcards and put them in a folder under photos (i would save em at a low res so they take up less room.) Or make new cards in any art program. I made mine in Photoshop.

Richard Bacchus said...

Oh You and Your DIY Punk Rock Spirit.

Doin' It For The Kids!

Anonymous said...

Ok, stupid question. What the hell are sit files and how do I get it to work on my son's psp? Are they yet another compression format?


Dave Himself said...

Heres what you do with the files:

In most Operating Sytems you can just double click the SIT file and it will open. If not you can open it with Stuff It Expander or something like it. Then there will be a folder, just drag that folder into the PSP folder called PHOTO and that is that. write back with questions i check often.

your mamma said...

Good thinking -
Alas, too late for some people.

Anonymous said...

What you mean is, "most [mac] operating systems".

Don't forget that the majority of the world has no idea what a 'sit' file is.

Anyhow, not to be mean about it, it's just that I know nearly for fact that most Windows users (of which comprise 95% of the people I know, anyway) can't possibly imagine an archive that isn't a .zip file. And, even for the most savvy computer users out there, they know what a .rar, or even a .tar or .gzip file is. But a .sit? News to most people. I recognized the extension, but I've never seen or possessed one.

Anyhow, to avoid being completely redundant as a commentor, GREAT idea that I think I may have to try out myself (CALCULUS FORMULAS!). Good job on getting cross-posted 'cross the PSPverse.

Dave Himself said...

Thanx for SIT vs ZIP info. And thanx for the congrats. It is nice to have the story picked up by the various PSP sites.

AND A NOTE TO REGULAR COMMENT READERS: When the post is titled YOUR MAMMA SAID... it is actually from my mamma.

vargusvictor said...

Great use of this wonderful machine. Leave it to the creative users of the PSP to add more useful functionality like you did and maybe Sony will sell more PSP's. Unfortunately Sony seems to want to crush any thing new that they can't strictly control and profit off of.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this was mentioned but flashcards will work on any version PSP ;) so Sony can't stop this =p

Similar to PSP mags, which were also a great idea for whoever came up with them.

Anonymous said...

too late?? doesn't mama know what a prestigious school new paltz has become since our departure? thank god for those asian exchange students.