Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Come Out To Play-ay!

I think we can all agree that perhaps the greatest use of the NYC subway system of all time was, is and shall always be it's use as a back drop for Walter Hill's timeless masterpiece The Warriors. I personally have never had the pleasure of using a NYC subway restroom, but I can assure that if I did I would emerge from my stall ready to fight.

Okay, maybe we don't all agree, but many are with me on this I am sure. Since my most successful blog post by 11,000 hits was thanks to the NYC subway I have decided to stick to the theme. That and the fact my Ultimate Directors cut of the film arrived in the mail today.

First off, I would like to say this is a must have for any Warriors fan. It is not overflowing with special features, but has plenty of commentary from Hill, many of the actors (who are aging worse than the cast of Star Trek,) costume designers and more. Also the "print" looks and sounds faboo. What it lacks is a glossy 10 page pull out (the package contains the disk and small card promoting The Warriors video game.) It also has 6 "un-skipable" previews/ads (hate that, but at least one is for the MacGyver set.)

The image you see on the PSP above is the map featured in the opening scenes of The Warriors, and is discussed in one of the four well done featurettes.

Amamzon has got the UMD Here. And the DVD Here.

This guy Here has a strange sense of design, but an amazing collection of Warrior based goodies.

Caaan Youuu Diiig It!


Anonymous said...

i've seen you fight.....stay in the bathroom.

Dave Himself said...

wise ass. When did you see me fight?

Anonymous said...

new paltz circa 1991 it was close but i think SHE got you on points.

Anonymous said...

1991?? are you really that old?

Dave Himself said...

In 1991 I was 24. So I am in fact even older than that.