Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hey Sony, Locals Only!

By now many of you have seen the Sony PSP “Street Art” characters around your various cities. They are designed and deployed to look like the art that our beloved, guerilla street artists have been adorning our city with since before Cost and Revs.

My imagination falls short of the ability to conjure up the conversations that lead to decisions like these. “The kids seem to like the PSP, now if there were just a way to remind them of the huge, uncool, corporate entity that created it.”

I guess I just give those fat baldies too much credit. At least the punishment for shitting all over our prized city canvas is built in. They robbed their PSP of “cred” more quickly than soccer moms a assassinated the word “bling.”

It’s like this. Dads, if you are tired of your kids saying “my bad” start saying “my bad.” The little bastards will drop it like Galileo dropped a orange.

To enjoy real street art from the comfort of your own home go to Wooster Collective they break it down... nice.

UPDATE: Philadelphia orders SONY to remove a caricature PSP campaign from the walls of an inner-city neighborhood. Read ther article here.


Anonymous said...

the word "bling" could not have been assasinated soon enough for my liking. i think the boys at sony are more worried about bill gates stomping their mudholes like godzilla on a romp through tokyo then they are about losing street "cred"

Walking Spanish said...

...Galileo dropped a orange.
Nice lyrical reference bro!


Anonymous said...

I agree. (You should spell Sony right in the first paragraph, that way the search engines will find this entry.)

Dave Himself said...

Thanks Anonymous, spelling corrected.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up

Dave Himself said...

hmmm? "shut the fuck up." Excelent point. Would you like to expand on that? I didnt think so.