Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Web Tip: Bug Me Not

You know when your friend sends you a link to a news story and instead of the link going to the story it asks you to enter your username and password? Of course you don't have either and they are gonna want your email address in return for the privilege.

Well screw that. Just go to bugmenot.com and they will supply you with a username and password. Many of which are pretty damn funny.


Anonymous said...

now see this post while kinda cool wont get anywhere near the response. i set the under/over at 3-1/2 not counting my post and your response. i'll take 20 times on the under.

Dave Himself said...

So me responding doesnt help or hurt my odds either way. I suppose I could rig it. Go blacksox on ya, but thats just not how I roll. Maybe I shoulda went with the beer makes ya smarter thing after all. You shoulda seen how smart I got Saturday night.

Walking Spanish said...

im gonna go social studies on y'all and run my birken-socks and tweed jacket with the elbow patches