Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Learning Morse Code (or Someone Needs A Job)

I recently decided to learn Morse Code. Yes, that’s right Morse Code. I started at a little NSA site called America’s CryptoKids. A fun little site our government uses to help find young code geniuses for future abduction. (Click on Operation Dit Dah.)

Then I downloaded this MP3 at learnmorsecode.com of the letters A thru Z in Morse tones.

Finally, I felt like a good combination of visual and audio representations of Morse Code were lacking so I created this QuickTime Movie: MorseCodeTutor.mov.

Yes, all to learn Morse Code.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE for an excelent Morse learning device for Windows, Mac, Linux even DOS.


Anonymous said...

demented and sad but social. well actually i guess it's really not social is it, guess that just leaves demented and sad.

Dave Himself said...

Well, Morse Code is for communication so it is therefore social. And yet I think we can weigh the bulk of the activity on demented and said.

"Next time I have to come in here, I'm crackin' skulls."

Dave Himself said...


Anonymous said...

.-- .... -.-- / -. --- - / .-.. . .- .-. -. / -... .-. .- .. .-.. .-.. . / .- ..-. - . .-. / - .... .- - ..--.. / --. .---

Dave Himself said...

.. / .--. .-. --- -... .- -... .-.. -.-- / .-- .. .-.. .-..

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Saw this comic
and thought of your geeky blog title. Enjoy!

Class of '85

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the beeping noise when a Honda door is open is morse code for "H". Can you bust this myth for me?

Dave Himself said...

well anonymous my Civic was either pre-beeping noise or the beeper was broken, but I would need to know what the actual beep sounds like.

If it is 4 identical tones of any kind it could be construed as an "H."