Wednesday, November 30, 2005

When Woilds Collide

Tomorrow Night. Thursday, December 1st, 2005 my very good friend will be appearing on The Late Show with Conan Obrien. I wish I could say that very good friend was Abe Vigoda but alas it is actually Jack Grace. No offense intended Mr. Grace. I would just rather insult Jack Grace than Sal Tessio. I am sure you understand.

I wont give away the gag. I will just say it will be a bit about Abe and some 2 bit country entertainer at the lighting of the xmass tree at Rockefeller Center. So if you know Jack or love Abe set your Tivo (sorry George, Greg, punk and Rock… ReplayTV.)

It oughta be a real hoot.

UPDATE! Jack Grace has just been replaced by David Cassidy. And so begins my official Partridge Family boycott.


Anonymous said...

wow thats 2 people i thought were dead in the same post,fish and keith partridge. what could keith partridge possibly have to talk about on national television besides the fact that he's alive and danny partridge is full of shit!

Walking Spanish said...

actually considering the context of the skit, the whole "other christmas tree lighting, the idea was to have a pathetic example of entertainment -so in effect- David Cassidy is a much better choice to encapsulate "pathetic" being that jack is far from it

Dave Himself said...

Good point Spanish. I am sure Jack appreciates the sentiment. Man I really gotta catch Van Hayride soon.

The Snowman said...

Well I missed the show... but I am insulted by the mainstream PC of using the word "TIVO"