Thursday, June 23, 2005

All Your Chips Are Belong To Us

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Finally, I thought I'd never have the excuse. Ya see a good way to improve your standing in search engines is to cover topics that are heavily searched... like say "Paris Hilton" or "PSP." There, just now I helped my standing. But I want to be honest about it. I dont want to just jam this thing full of metatags I wanna "earn it." I need a reason.

You ask for a miracle Theo I give you...

The World Series of Poker Robots, being held July 12-15 at the Golden Palace casino in Las Vegas.
Thats right, as if beating us in chess wasn't proof enough that the positronic brain is superior and robots should be our benevolent overlords.
The prize is 100,000 dollars. Not so useful to the mechanical player, but at least it's in ones and zeros. More importantly the winner of the Robot tourney goes on to play the winner of the Human World Series of Poker. A puny, pathetic human. Perhaps it will be UNIVAC vs. Unabomber.

Will they play Texas Hold em'? They probably will play Texas Hold em'. And why wouldn't they play Texas Hold em'? I mean it is one of the top searched terms on the internet.


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bikechain said...

Oprah Lohan's Pitt
(that oughta boost yer standings)