Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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There was once a guy who made James Bond come off a bit prude. His name was Flint. As in the 1966 film Our Man Flint. He, like his predecessor, also dabbled in gadgetry and I always loved this watch he had (pictured right) that had a little metal arm (highlighted) come out and poke you when it was time to stop playing dead and leap from your coffin and save the day. I think that's why my first beeper made me think "too bad watches don't vibrate (I might wear one.)

Well, they do now!

Vibration has traveled from our girlfriend's recreational regions upwards into our pockets to our waitng cell phones then through our hands to our girlfriend inhibiting Dual Shock Gaming Controllers and finaly pulled a quick 180 and landed on our wrists.
Where it stops noone knows.

Casio's Vibrating Watch


Walking Spanish said...
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Walking Spanish said...

hey! now i dont have to shove my vibrating cel phone down my pants and call myself a half dozen times for fun!