Friday, June 24, 2005

What The F*ck Have You Done!? Nike!

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Oh my god am I pissed. Probably not half as pissed as Ian McKaye, but pissed. I just came across this little event item on Transworld Skateboarding's website. They cheerfully anounce Nike's new skateboard tour, but fail to point out that Nike has ripped off Dischord Records and Minor Threats Album art as well as a couple of fonts and what I am assuming is Glen Friedman's Photograph.

I knew these images were stolen because if you know anything about Dischord and Ian McKaye (front man of Minor Threat and Fugazi) its that they DO NOT sell out. Ian spent years putting black Sharpie over logos on his clothes so as not to accidentaly promote a company and now perhaps the greatest hardcore record of all time has been kidnapped by its greatest enemy.
Go to Transworld Skateboarding and click on the "comment on this" button below the pilfered art work. You'll see the beginnings of what I hope will be a HUGE backlash.

Take your time - Try not to forget - We never will - We're just a minor threat

UPDATE: The Dischord news page has posted a small statement.

UPDATE II: Nike releases a statement. An apology actually. Here at

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