Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dragon Flys

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I am so tired of my Zippo lighter getting wet when I walk past an open fire hydrant. No, that's not it. I can't bare to see it's perfect finish scratched and dented. No, that's not it either.

So why the hell would I want a this "completely rugged - waterproof to 100 ft., dustproof and drop-resistant Zippo case?"

16 words... it "conforms to DOT-E 14194 and may be transported in checked baggage by Domestic passenger aircraft."

Thats right with
The Zippo Cargo Case by OtterBox (coming in mid July) it is once again legal for your trusty Zippo to fly the not so friendly skies.
Unfortunately it has to go in your checked luggage and I have never checked a bag. I travel light.
But no wuckin' furries I will just ask someone who is checking a bag if they mind me placing an item in their luggage which I will retrieve once we've landed. Airports appreciate and encourage the good samaritan. Besides I hear Gitmo is lovely this time of year.


Rev. Timmy James said...

Some of the worst times I've had have been using a Zippo 100ft. under water.
And some of the best (ain't it always the way.)

Walking Spanish said...

the problem with the samaritan thing is,
don't they tell you at security not to take any items from strangers?
wouldnt you look upon someone dubiously if they asked you to carry a lighter in their luggage til you land?
i would think mule for sure...
then again, i'm not necessarily a good samaritan