Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's like screaming at a ball!!!

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Here is an update for you all on the Nike/Minor Threat story.

Nike has issued a a statement with an excuse and an apology and a "we will throw away all the stuff we made." But they didn't say they made it. They said skaters made it. Therefor making Dischord look like they are attacking skaters.

I guess it was just an oversite. It's a severly understaffed legal department over there at Nike and hugely iconic, copyrighted artwork, photographs and logos often slip through the cracks.

Nike says "This was a poor judgment call and should not have been executed without consulting Minor Threat and Dischord Records."

COME ON!!! Seriosly, Nike doesnt make "judgement calls." This is not a little boutique ad house. This is NIKE INCORPORATED! They make close to 400 million a quarter. They don't put in a lunch order without first "running it by legal."

Perhaps all of their copyright and trademark lawyers were busy attacking John Smith Ale's new horseshoe logo which they say resembles the Nike "swoosh".

See the shoe barely on the other foot here (no photo, but trust me its just a damn horseshoe.)


gannon said...

oh good i'm glad that's settled now i can sleep at night. someone should tell the guys over at smiths if they wanted to parody nike "just brew it" would have been a much better choice.

nopunksleft said...

a news update from mtv.com:

Despite the apology, a Dischord Records spokesperson said once MacKaye returns from touring with his current band, the Evens, later this week, there will be a meeting involving all the members of Minor Threat — MacKaye, Lyle Preslar, Brian Baker, Steve Hansgen and Jeff Nelson — to explore the legal options available to them.

"They still have not figured out what they want to do," the spokesperson, Alec Bourgeois, said, adding that, while it was well and good that Nike "acknowledged, without a fight, that they did something they shouldn't have done, this has led to a lot of free advertising for Nike, [which is] trying to sell a new line of shoes. The band needs to, in an atmosphere not of anger, wade through all of the issues to determine what's next, if anything."

nopunksleft said...

oh, wait, this one's from mtv.com news as well:

"What the hell were they thinking?" MacKaye, on tour with his current band the Evens, wrote in an e-mail to MTV News.

dude, they pissed ian off, they are sooo screwed...

Rev. Timmy James said...
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Rev. Timmy James said...

A few years ago Reebok tried introducing a running shoe for ladies called "Incubus".

As most of you know, an Incubus is demon that impregrates ladies in their sleep. (remember that creepy thing in "Gothic"? No, not Julian Sands, the other one, with the long fingernails.)

These people don't even look in the dictionary.

What the hell am I doing talking about running shoes anyway?
And where's my fucking lighter?