Monday, June 20, 2005

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

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So four "jerks" with a rigged microphone trying to get footage for what will no doubt be another infantile "prank show" squirted Tom Cruise with water at the War of the Worlds premiere in London.

Why am I writing about it? Because up until now I thought Tom Cruise was one far out crazy super star. Now, I am with him all the way.

I watched the video of the incident and was very impressed. He keeps his cool and begins questioning the guy as to "what is so funny about that." He keeps him there calmly demanding an explanation.

Now, I would love to have seen him do the truly right thing and flatten this guys face, but alas I have much less to lose (much, much less.)

I am anxiously awaiting my prank. I figure between Boiling Points and the half dozen like it a regular guy is bound to get his chance. And when I do I will do what I am sure Cruise was dying to do and just start swinging. Of course eventually I would let up enough to allow the perpetrator to inform me it was a joke. And with that I would resume... because it is unreasonable, inexcusable behavior.

Good job Tom.

iFilm clip of same (better)

UPDATE: Ok, a week has gone by and based on interviews and general behavior I once again think Tom Cruize is coo coo for cocoa puffs. Oh well.


nopunksleft said...

Here's a slightly better video of the incident:

It's longer and Tom heads back in to the crowds and across the street and starts signing autographs for fans. Kinda like it never happened and he has to keep being a movie star even though he's wet in the face. Who in their right mind wouldn't have smacked that guy? Or at least used a curse word once or twice? Scientology it must be. That just makes the religion more scary to me in it's secret cult-like ways...

I am happy/proud to report that MTV has canceled Boiling Points... the only kind of pranks we're pulling at the moment are by men in large penis costumes or clown outfits - and I'm pretty sure you'll steer clear of those.

j-scott-grand said...

Not that I'm endorsing the prank--which seems nothing more than a slightly updated but equally stupid squirting flower routine--but don't you think he overreacted just a fucking little bit?

Most people would have laughed it off. I guess all of that Scientology re-programming stripped him of the ability to laugh at himself.

Dave Himself said...

Actually I don't think he overreacted. Picture yourself going to the premier of your film. In a beautiful suit and silk tie. You are making the rounds answering and re-answering the questions cause thats your job and you do it smiling. And a guy sprays water in your face. At least it feels like water. You havent tasted it yet because you sealed your lips when it hit. Should you open them a little to check? Or would that be risky. It's probably a harmless prank. Then again you currently have 2 stalkers. Is it acid? Not burning yet? You remember when you were in Jamaica you heard its a practice to spray acid in the face of an enemy. No, You're sure its water now... and you are pissed.

j-scott-grand said...

Gee, I was about to recant my criticisms until I saw his appearance on the Today Show. That arrogant shit is now claiming to be an expert on the history of psychiatry? To have read all the research papers on Ritalin? Where does Tom Cruise find all the time to develop such exciting film projects and still keep current on all the recent medical journals?