Thursday, June 02, 2005

Can You Count Suckas!

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Nobody has ever given me a hard time about the titles of my three favorite movies... The Road Warrior, Star Wars and The Warriors. And I appreciate that. I am actually a pacifist.

Well luckily Rockstar Games(diligent peddlers of digital violence) is a fan of The Warriors as well. Which is why in October we will all get to actually be Ajax and knock that smug look off Swans face... with a bat!

First glances
(thanks to redboy for heads up) look pretty good with real Barry de Vorzon music and actual Cyrus voice over.

Can you count suckas? I say the future, is ours! If you, can count.


j-scott-grand said...

Dave, Nice work. You've inspired me to start another blog.

j-scott-grand said...

I thought you might guess who I am, but now I'm not so sure. jg.

Dave Himself said...

We know who you are Dobbs!!, we remember the Knightrider, AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!