Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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I was reading over at Gizmodo about how Hummer is teaming up with Itronix to make a durable laptop and the picture Gizmodo used amused me.

They say the laptop will actually be pretty tough.

But just look at what a wee pick-up did to that big bad Hummer.

I guess make-up can't block a punch. Who knew?

Monday, August 29, 2005

DOS BOOT at Threadless (Rock The Vote)

My Submission

Click above and vote for my t-shirt design. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Raving Lunatics

Raving Lunatics
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The cops in Utah went ape on what was allegedly a completely legal, insured rave. The insurgents look more like Marines than cops to me.

Go to the article here at STONEFRUIT. Watch the video, listen for "WHERE'S ME JUMPER?! WHERES ME JUMPER!?"

By the way, thanks for the heads up on this story goes to GNF reader WalkingSpanish, again.

Dos Boot (Tee-Shirt)

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Many of you... (5 of my 7 readers) Might be saying "Why is that funny?" Well, here's why:

Sea Wolf is an old, old submarine game. So old you could or would write it and play it using "DOS." And to do so you would want to "BOOT" up your machine in DOS.

Finally, DAS BOOT is German for "THE BOAT" which is the title of the 1981 film about a german WWII U-boat or submarine.

See now you are ROTFL

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Breakfast Links (thats any link posted before noon)

Here's a little link that is old, but hugely useful. Its for when you want to send some one an email with a link to a mapquest page or a specific product in a shopping site. You know the ones where you get url that looks like this:

Well just take that behemoth to and they will squish it down to wee for you free of charge like so:

And if you are still using Mapquest let me know if i can interest you in buying my ColecVision console, my magnavox digital camera and about 25 yards of Co-ax.

Google Maps

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Clonus. NOT "Clone us."

Clonus NOT "Clone us."
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Ya know that movie The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson about escaped clones who exist only to supply their genetic counterparts with spare organs. I heard it sucked. (The days of me seeing every movie remotely resembling sci-fi are long over.) Something was bugging me about it. I kept thinking wasn't this an episode of The Outer Limits or something like it.

Well after some heavy research (google.) I got my answer. Strangely enough I had seen the entire story laid out in episode 811 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Ya know the show where a guy named Joel and two robots rip bad movies a new set of sprocket holes. This particular edition made sport of Parts: The Clonus Horror with Peter Graves.

Is it Ironic that a clone movie spawned a clone or is it that they both SUCK?

"Parts: The Clonus Horror" cost $257 thousand.
"The Island" cost $120 million.
The only thing actually worth watching is the MST3K episode. Probably available here.

Monday, August 15, 2005

"Potent Portables" for 250 Alex

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I honestly can't understand why people bother writing scathing reviews about the PSP. Nitpicking on things like battery life, movie and memory formats. Is it Nintendo fanboys who regret that the DS has all the cool games, but that's all its got? (2 screens! you say. Yeah, I believe Jeff Foxworthy has a name for you guys with 2 TVs stacked on each other.) Is it just Sony haterz? No, because we are all Sony haterz.

Well whatever it is I think it's time to stop. This thing is proving the hell out of its self. I am playing WipeOut Pure even when my XBox is right in front of me. Playing against friends wirelessly and strangers VERY wirelessly. I am Googling terms no sweat wherever I can find a hot spot. Oh that's right and I am finding hot spots.

Perhaps it is too expensive? Lets see... Hand held gaming system, portable movie player, MP3 player, photo viewer, WiFi locater, Web browser, soon to be audio/video messager and more importantly who knows whats next. I'd say thats pretty reasonable at 250.

A Rhythm Composer(drum machine) is now available and new stuff is coming all the time.

Maybe you DS guys need to stop playing all those killer games you brag about and start writing some code. Necessity is the mother of invention ya know.

By the way I so did this post just 'cause I wanted to use the headline.

UPDATE: Nintendo just anounced it will be slashing the cost of the DS by 20 dollars. Looks like Hiroshi reads GNF.

BAM! First Full-Length Graphic Novel Released for Sony PSP
(story at joystiq)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Live From New Monfassa Its...

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This Spartan Life

A talk show... Yawn. It consists of animated characters voiced by real people... Gimme Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It all takes place in Halo2. Yaw... WHAT?!

That is great. Using the existing Halo2 environments and players to do a TV show. I love it.

The concept is called Machinima. Like a machine making cinema. It is the art of using existing digital realms, characters and the and the devices that control and render them to create your own story line. If you are creative you can really make some sweet stuff.

This Spartan Life has interviews and comedy and even The Solid Gold Elite Dancers. Relax fanboys, I know Red vs. Blue was first on this, but This Spartan Life really makes use of the game.

Does Bungie (makers of Halo) frown on people reaping these benefits from all their hard-work? No, in-fact there is a Machinima setting in which you can go weaponless so as to be a cameraman with an unobstructed view.

Ok, I have officially lost all, but serious Halo2 fans (Tim and myself) so I will end with this. Shows like Red vs. Blue and This Spartan Life may seem like fun tricks, but trust me they are the beginnings of much larger things.

Oh here's the easy hack for having a cameraman: In a Machinima Oddball Game just overcharge the Plasma Pistol and pick up the Oddball. Then drop the Oddball. (Thanks

Watch This Spartan Life.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bird Does Moonwalk, But Does Not Sleep With Hatchlings.

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This is neither Tech nor T-Shirt and it may even be a bit internet stale to some, but I just watched Deep Jungle on Nature and they featured this little Red Capped Manakin. His mating ritual is strictly dance moves and he's got stupid, crazy skills.

See him shake his tail feather here.

By the way the ornithologist Kim Bostwick has some skills as well.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Why Didn't I Think Of That

Goldfish Hearing
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"They say goldfish have no memory
i guess their lives are much like mine
and the little plastic castle
is a surprise every time."
Ani DeFranco

Goldfish unlike elephants are accused of having an extremely short memory. Hence the name for this "hearing" aid. The beauty is that it's purpose is not to amplify what you are hearing, but to replay what you missed. That's right instant replay for things people said. Convo Tivo. Why didn't I think of that!?

Just Imagine, your best friend says "I need you to take position here behind this jeep, then on my signal, take out the east and west guard posts. got it?" If you ain't got it, you simply tap your ear, the last 10 seconds replays and you and your rocket launcher are on your way.

This is currently an imaginary invention at Human Beans, but it seems feasible and I am sure something like it is just around the corner. Remember the communications satellite was an imaginary invention once as well.

UPDATE: Wait a minute. Is this illegal? Is it "wearing a wire?" I guess only a lawyer would know for sure... well not for sure.