Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slap Top

Here at YouTube you will see a video in which a enterprising, young lad has hacked the Sudden Motion Sensor in his Mac Book Pro to perform desktop commands. A light smack on the side of the screen switches apps like re-setting the carriage on an old typewriter. It is clever like Trevor for sure, but I always like to take things a step further too far.

I say someone should make an interactive fetish video. Nothing too fancy. She presents it, you give it a little smack and she reacts. Fun for the whole family! They can call it Spank Me... Tag line: “Lord knows you’ve spanked yourself enough”

Monday, May 22, 2006

iPod. They Prod.

Ooo look a radical, guerilla campaign is fighting against the corporate plot to get us all on the same MP3 player. Sometime late last night what must have been a roving group of young hooligans fed up with the Orwellian success of the iPod struck a major blow and spoke out with thousands of wheat pasted posters all over Manhattan warning against joining the iPod nation. Well, that should boost iPod sales nicely... Once the reality sets in that the “campaign” is simply an advertising campaign and the “roving group of hooligans” is advertising dandy Grey San Francisco, a big, fat, shiny ad agency. Their goal? Not to get you off the iPod, but to get you onto a SanDisk player. SanDisk? Seriously? If you are looking for a cheap and ugly USB thumbdrive then by all means, but if you want the whole package stick with the iPod. Sure, the advertising is pretty, but it’s the updates, innovations, ease of use, array of accessories, overwhelmingly satisfied customers and friggin’ iTunes that make it the right choice.

My brother and his wife got a SanDisk player 2 weeks ago. If anyone has any advice on how they might figure out how to get some music onto it let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Oh and by the way Grey and SanDisk just called you all suckers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Font Spotting

Not since Eurostyle (popularized by E Entertainment) have I seen a font take off so hugely as the new and exciting Rosewood. This versatile little fancy-old-west-circus-poster font seems to be popping up everywhere. It’s very likely that you don’t take note of which fonts are in heavy rotation, but I do and I’ll tell you its a wonder girls will even talk to me. Actually I don’t even think this font is new. It’s probably just seeing a resurgence. By the way the bitters label is my design and was completed weeks before the launch of the Old Navy campaign.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Media Condemns OJ's New Show (And reminds you to check your local listings)

Do yourself a favor and let this be the only place you read about OJ’s “outrageous stunt” involving a white Bronco and a whole lot of nerve. I over heard someone reading a headline about OJ's "contraversial" new show. So I investigated and I am fairly sure this “news story” is mostly a press release from the makers of the show. The Fox News article includes a link to where you can buy the DVD and here are some excerpts from the E-Online coverage:

“Simpson, who reportedly turns up disguised as an Elvis impersonator, a pizza delivery man and an elderly white man leading a seniors' bingo game.”

“Juiced was produced by Xtreme Entertainment Group and is available as a one-hour pay-per-view special this month. A 90-minute, uncensored DVD version will be available online for $19.95.”

Right, an article exposing the heinous act of a callous man has the courtesy to let you know where to see, when to see and how much you will pay to see this morally reprehensible show. Don’t fall for it. Don’t read it. Don’t watch it.

No Links, No Love.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Used To Have It, Never Will

Do I see a trend developing? During my Sunday night television session I saw two conspicuously “green” ads for two conspicuously green labels. New 7 Up which is ALL NATURAL and Prego Organic which is organic (I guess.) Personally I welcome the all natural 7 Up. My local Deli has 8 glass doors packed with beverages and I am really only grabbing the Orange Orange and Revive Vitamin Waters... Oh and Budweiser of course. My message to the food and beverage companies who seem to be leaning towards tree hugging is this... We are going to eat and drink what ever you literally and figuratively force down our throats so do us a favor and make some of it good for us less bad for us.


TOLD YOU SO: No more Disney/Pixar cross promotion with McDonalds. Steve Jobs is giving up a billion dollar contract in the name of healthier food. "The word is that Disney is trying to disassociate itself from high calorie and trans fat laden fast food peddled by fast food giants like McDonald's." Read more Here.

AND AGAIN: According to Wal-Mart is going Organic.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

At At Boo Boo Goes Ape

At At Boo Boo. Who’s new name is Boo Boo Walker is now officially available (and this time I mean it) at Go Ape Shirts . “Go Ape Shirts is a small t-shirt company run out of Arizona.” Learn more at a cool T-Shirt Blog called addic[tee]d - Fresh Tee Guide™ .

Oh and buy one ‘cause I get a dollar on every Boo Boo Walker sold.

UPDATE: More press for go ape.

UPDATE: EVEN MORE press for go ape.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Greedo Never Fired (or told ya so)

Yeah I know GNF has really dropped the ball on content lately. Well consider it a hunger strike. I simply refused to post new content until the title of my blog (Greedo Never Fired) was taken more seriously. And now we can rejoice. According to Digital Bits Rumor Mill "Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox are finally going to be releasing the original theatrical versions of the Star Wars films on DVD." That means Han Solo will once again shoot Greedo in cold blood. Its touching really, but maybe I am just old fashioned.

Now maybe we can get back to business here at GNF.