Friday, October 27, 2006

iZod (The "i" Is For Imperial)

I Just thought this would be a neat idea for an embroidered icon on a shirt. Now if I can just get Natalie Portman behind the idea.

UDATE: My apologies I thought I remembered someone saying folks want blog posts about iZods turns out I was way off base.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is Amp'd Mobile First To Fight The Fast Forward?

A recent report from a GNF field operative has me thinking we have reached a DVR milestone. While watching the 911 South Park episode on her Time Warner DVR in NYC she "repeatedly had it (the fast forward) freeze up on Amp'd Mobile adds and ONLY Amp'd Mobile ads." She reports that this has occurred with their ads on other shows as well. She says the FF gets a wee bit dodgy and forces you to go to play for a moment. Has Amp'd Mobile taken the first step in saying "Don't Touch That Dial." I will investigate further and I welcome any more information from GNF readers.

If you have experienced anything like this please post a comment. Thanks.