Friday, December 29, 2006

More Talk, Less Music (See What I Did There?)

It appears that my last post quickly went from gold mine to land mine as many of the videos were quickly removed from or set to only play on youtube and not as embedded videos. IMO (that’s “in my opinion”) even with the dead links and matchbox 20 section it is still pretty cool.

However, here is some undeniable gold. Literature! The written word... Only spoken. or Open Culture has compiled a kick ass list of free books on tape style audio files for your listening pleasure. Machiavelli ‘s The Prince, HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley faithful to its original text. Aesop, Chaucer, Dostoyevsky. Not every reading is a grand performance, but many are... Check Patrick Horgan reading War of the Worlds. Put a chapter on your iPod each day or pack it full and head out on the open road. LINKAGE

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Less Talk, More Music.

What’s better than stumbling upon the occasional cool video on YouTube? How about stumbling upon 20,000 music videos all on one page with a player that follows you down the page as you browse. Somewhere between the At The Drive In, Opeth and Slayer and the Bee Gees, Steely Dan and Wham has got to be something you can dig on. In fact this post is a futile effort to drag myself from the quicksand that is Twenty Thousand Music Videos in one place. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Attractive Jewelry (Get It? Attractive.)

Geeks dig magnets and chicks dig jewelry ergo geeks should give chicks magnetic jewelry. No? Would it help if they knew the jewelry is made of “rare earth magnets?” No? Silver, gold, platinum and diamonds are our only choice? Damn! Ok still these barcelets are wicked cool. I spoke to the creator of Dynomighty today and he is everything you hope for in a young entrepenuer. He is excited about his products to the point where you don’t even need to ask him questions to hear all about them. Well I am off to the Moss Design Store (146 Greene between Houston and Prince) to get one of these for a girl. Don’t worry she is a total geek. (uh oh, Hope she doesn’t read this.) Dynomighty

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fully Stoked Internet Radio

If you are like me... you are incredibly old... But you also used to lay back and listen to the radio at night. For me the DJs were Scott Muni at WNEW, Donna Donna at WLIR and Carol Miller over at WPLJ. Now a days you couldn’t pay me to listen to the radio. Well sort of... The Engine Room is not radio but an incredible simulation. The DJ is a rock photographer friend of mine who just slides ever so comfortably into his radio way off to the side project. Go have a listen. And if you are traveling for the holidays download the whole Christmas show. You’ll arrive at your location yuled up and ready to go.

The Engine Room

(Photo stolen from Where he stole it from I do not know. Perhaps Honcho's "Old Timey Men of Steel Edition."

Monday, December 18, 2006

You've Come A Long Way Baby! (Google Circa 1960)

Here is something simple that popped up on and though many blogs pointed out how funny it is I feel few bothered to mention how thought provoking it is. It is completely reasonable that a research company would have had a piece of paper like this in 1960 and perhaps later. Can you imagine all that would have to happen upon receipt of a particular search term? Imagine the hours put in by an army of researchers pouring over books, magazines, newspapers legal documents. Imagine the stack of paper listing relative articles, court cases, literature etc. Imagine the expense of it all. This simple, black and white photo of a photocopy speaks volumes about the impact of the internet. Just take a moment to think about it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We’re Bigger Than Dawkin’s (Or Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey)

Go Ape Shirts is truly living up to its name with this one. EVOLVER is great art, great apes and great comedy. Tell me this doesn’t make a great gift for one of those aged Beatles fans you know. I already gave one to a longhaired hippy dad type friend of mine. Order yours now at

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

iDJ2 (or What Every Other Punk Kid in Every City Says)

When Numark's iDJ (1) came out in July of ‘05. GNF shut it down for what we thought were some pretty obvious shortcomings. What we said...

“But see here's the thing. See those 2 Ipods? Maybe one is yours and one is your roommate's. Maybe you have your old ipod and your new one (it accepts any model.) Chances are they are full of different songs. So you are playing Bounce, Skate, Roll and the dance floor is packed. You suddenly realize the perfect mix (obviously) would be coming into Slave's Watching You. The BPMs match and the feel is just right. BUT oh wait. Those songs are on the same I pod. And why wouldn't they be. Same genre, same era...”

Well it took more than a year, but Numark finally read my slam and got to work on the iDJ2. There is no price yet, but among the listed features we find this “Play music off two iPods simultaneously, play two songs off same iPod.”

You're welcome.